Commencement of works in the Poznan Fast Tram

PST Szymanowski Poznan

Renovation of the northern road slab with longitudinal expansion on the Szymanowski viaduct - Poznań Fast Tram

The building is located in the city of Poznań, at Szymanowskiego Street, in the area of the intersection of Henryka Opienskiego Street and Tadeusza Szeligowskiego Street.

The basic function of the building is collision-free and safe car and pedestrial traffic over the Poznań Fast Tram, as well as communication of pedestrians between public transport stops located on and under the viaduct. The planned project is a step towards the improvement of traffic conditions, comfort and safety within the viaduct.

Characteristics and technical data of the existing building

Bay and bus stop, as well as two roadways are located on the renovated building Both roadways and bus bay are separated from each other by inter-roadway islands. There are the Poznań Fast Tram tracks located under the spans of the viaduct and tram stops. The renovated building was divided into the northern and southern parts. The subject of the study is the northern part with surfaces (the middle surface separating the northern and southern roadways, the northern roadway surface and the one separating the bus bay and northern roadways) and longitudinal expansions. The static scheme of the viaduct is a layout of two spans supported freely. The total length of the viaduct in faces of extreme supports is ~36.35 m. The total width of the building is ~50.5 m, while the width of the part covered by renovation is ~25.2 m. The theoretical span of the viaduct in the axis of supports is 2x18.2=36.4 m.


 Plan Sytuacyjny Szymanowskiego

Scope of renovation works: The project assumes the maintenance of vehicular traffic in the course of the building renovation. Vehicular and pedestrial traffic during the renovation should be transferred and labelled in accordance with the temporary traffic organization project.

RENOVATION works will include:

- execution of a new bridge plate

- placing the insulation

- reconstruction of the top of the wing wall and the backwall

- construction of new sidewalk and inter-roadway surfaces

- installation of prefabricated cornice boards

- construction of a new pavement of roadways and surfaces

- reconstruction of the pavement structure on access roads with links to the existing gradeline

- installation of transverse and longitudinal modular expansion joints

- installation of modular expansions between the viaduct and the stairs

- installation of PVC expansion tapes

- construction of new steel rails with heights of 1.1 and 1.3 m

- execution of electric shock covers

- execution of new concrete slabs over the water pipe and the gas pipeline

- placing new concrete and stone curbs

- execution of new transition slabs

- protection of the existing (energy, telecommunications) cables with new casings

- reprofilling with PCC materials of the retaining wall at the stairs - section no. “F”

- reprofilling and height adjustment of drains

- reconstruction of the “F” landing

- placing vibropressed pavement in the area of the inter-roadway surface

- reconstruction of bituminous surface (access to the building)

- execution of the bracket for the support of transition slabs

- protection of surfaces of extreme supports and retaining wall of the stairs no. “F” with epoxy-bitumen insulation

- restoration of the target location of the bus shelter on the building

- installation of safety barriers in the inter-roadway surface

- execution of the drainage of the viaduct with the connection of the storm water drainage

- replacement of the storm water drainage section along Szymanowskiego Street (according to a separate study)

The dimensions of the structure will be adapted to the existing dimensions of the building.


Planned completion of works and commissioning: 06.12.2020 

Investor: The City of Poznań - Roads Authority, ul. Wilczak 17, 61-623 Poznań

Substitute investor: Poznanskie Inwestycje Miejskie sp. z o.o. Plac Wiosny Ludów 2, 61-831 Poznań

Contractor: Most sp. z o.o., ul. Kujawska 51A, 81-862 Sopot

Site manager: eng. Piotr Mathews - Most sp. z o.o.