Katowice Flyover 2nd line

Construction in Poznań continuation



Current construction progress of 2nd line of Katowice Flyover Structure INFLANCKA: installation of steel structure. Covering platform plates with concrete (complete 3 of 6) Structure CHARTOWO Żegrze: support structure and sidewalk surface have been covered in concrete There are also roadworks being carried out between and under the structures

General description of the task:
Re-constructing bridge structures along Krzywoustego street: flyover over Inflancka street and overpass over Chartowo-Żegrze streets in the following scope:
- demolition and rebuilding of access roads to overpasses on both sides
- demolition of currently existing structures, construction of additional reinforcing piles and construction of new structures
- construction of new noise barriers
- installation of traffic safety devices
- re-construction of street lighting
- construction of drainage system for the structures
- re-construction and securing of energy grid, including removal and suspension of public transportation contact line to the structure, paving roads and renovation of green areas.

Commencement of the works: March 2015
Completion of construction works: 20 November 2017
Completion of the subject of the agreement: 20 February 2018

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