Bridge in Szczepanowice

Temporary Bridge

            A bridge on the Piotrówka river in Szczepanowice (between Słomniki and Miechów) on the national road No. 7 will be completely pulled down soon. On 19th September this year vehicle traffic was directed to a provisional bridge of BAILEY type. A speed limit of up to 30 km/hour was introduced. Construction of the completely new facility will have lasted by mid-2018.

The investment scope includes:

- construction of a new bridge with pavements on the bridge
- reinforcement of scarps and Piotrówka river bed along a section of 46.10 metres long,
- resurfacing the national road No. 7 along a section of over 201 metres
- construction of 2 new culverts under slip roads
- construction of a new bus bay
- profiling of scarps and right-sided ditch bed
- construction of a storm water drainage section and a new section of drainage ditch
- reconstruction of the existing and construction of a new right-sided pavement
- construction of a new traffic island by a bus bay
- construction of two slip roads and reinforced scarps

We encourage you to see the GALLERY with the ongoing works.